Wednesday, 27 February 2008

power gone to their heads

My latest thrifting adventure to Wimbledon yesterday afternoon started on a sour note. After spotting an amazing pale green granny bag in a pile of dreary black fake leather shoulder bags, I knew it had to be mine.
Far from perfect condition, the £4.99 price tag put me off it at first, but after a little encouragement from my flatmate to haggle for the bag, I approached the counter ready to state my case. Straight away, the mean granny launched into a hostile counter-attack, telling me that it was already at a discounted price due to its condition and that she'd be able to sell it for much more. I was forced to hand over the £4.99 because I couldn't leave the bag for someone else to pick it up... but there really was no need for her to be so mean about it! This was not the first time I've witnessed charity shop grannies abusing their powers! Not only do they hike up the prices, but spend ages in the backroom picking out the best pieces for themselves or their friends...

Bag: thrifted
Skirt (background): thrifted